École reconnue par la FQME
FQME Recognized Mountain School

About The Company

La Liberté Nord-Sud is a mountain school recognized by the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et de l’Escalade and Rando Québec. We specialize in teaching the following disciplines:

  • Rock climbing
  • Ice climbing
  • Mountaineering techniques
  • Hiking
  • Camping and preparation for expeditions

Since 2011, we have trained hundreds of people to climb safely and responsibly. We also had the chance to guide many of our clients on large expeditions all over the world.

Obviously, we do this job out of passion, for the love of discovery, for adventure and for the pleasure of spending quality time with our clients. We are aware that we are privileged and we work very hard to remain so by offering you the best of ourselves so that your experience with us is truly unforgettable.

Entreprise accréditée AEQ
AEQ accredited company

Being a proud member of Aventure Écotourisme Québec, we are committed to representing them through our adventures.

Safety being always a priority, we make our activities always safer by training our employees and by using the best possible technology and adequate safety equipment.

Our products are always developed taking into account the environment visited, with the aim of creating sustainable and responsible tourism.

We strive to know our customers as well as possible in order to adapt and offer quality services that meet their expectations.

About The Team

La Liberté Nord-Sud employs more than a dozen passionate instructors with certifications from the FQME, AGMA, ACMG and Rando QC.

In addition, we frequently organize in-house training which serves to maintain our quality standard as well as to review our emergency measures. Here are some photos taken during one of these training sessions.

Learn about some members of the team

Léopold Laliberté-Guy – Guide, trainer and owner


Léopold is the founder of LA LIBERTÉ NORD-SUD. He is a trainer certified by the Fédération Québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade (FQME) in rock and ice climbing. Léopold has guided more than 50 expeditions on the planet: Alaska, Yukon, Baffin, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Patagonia, Morocco, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal. He has over 20 years of experience teaching rock climbing and mountain sports.

Léopold is also First Responder in the communities of Montcalm / Arundel / Barkmere / Huberdeau and is very proud of the communities of his beautiful region of the Red River Valley (Laurentians) which he’s called home for more than 10 years.

Antoine Bonicalzi – Instructor and co-owner

Antoine Bonicalzi de La Liberté Nord-SudAntoine is co-owner of La Liberté Nord-Sud. He holds FQME certifications for teaching rock and ice climbing. Antoine is passionate about the outdoors and travel. Backpack-type trips, camping, kayaking and anything mountain-related are part of its DNA.

Climbing occupies an important place in his life, because this sport is the central point around which all his passions revolve. According to Antoine, passions are made to be shared. So there is nothing better for him than to spend a beautiful day in the outdoors to introduce others to his favorite sport.

Marie Fraisse – Instructor

As far back as she can remember, the mountain has been a part of her life. From a family of mountaineers, she took her first steps in the high alpine pastures of the Chamonix valley. A lifelong globetrotter, Marie thrives on discoveries and encounters. The profession of guide that she has been exercising for several years allows her to combine her passions: to explore the world, to travel its summits and to meet its different cultures. Bursting with energy and projects, today she dreams of traveling the planet discovering – and making people discover – the most beautiful climbing sites and their communities. And to continue to pass on his love of mountains, adventure and climbing.

Training: Rock and ice climbing instructor (FQME), Assistant Hiking Guide (ACMG), First responder in remote wilderness, Orientation training – maps and compass, dive master (PADI).

Anouk Leblanc – Instructor

Anouk holds of instructor and animator certificates in rock and ice climbing. A lifelong enthusiast of the outdoors and travel, she loves to share her passion for climbing with people because for her, it is much more than a job.

A specialized educator by trade, she takes the time it takes to give clients the confidence to make the most of their day.

Éric Kirouac – Guide and instructor

Eric holds a certification as a hiking guide from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guide (ACMG) as well as a level 3 training in alpine technique. His vast experience in the mountains allows him to teach mountaineering techniques with a master’s hand.

“It was in 1980 at the Paul Comptois school in Laval and I was in 3rd year. The teacher asks us “OK friends, I would like you to draw me what you want to do in life.”After a few minutes , the teacher goes from student to student, mentioning what the drawing represents, “you want to be a veterinarian, OK I think you want to become a nurse, here we have a future firefighter. Eric, I don’t understand your drawing. “I, who had nevertheless applied myself to making a beautiful stick figure drawing to reply,” That madam are mountains and that is me, later I want to play in the mountains “.

Thankfully, Eric is much better at being a mountaineer than an artist!

François-Xavier Bleau – Guide and instructor

François-Xavier has been an adventure guide since the early 2000s. He has accompanied hundreds of travellers on all continents and has managed to make a living from his passion ever since. He is the founder of the Terra Ultima trekking travel agency which he managed for 10 years. Now a freelance guide, he focuses on initiating and teaching rock climbing. Efix (FX) is a Certified Hiking / winter hiking Guide and Top Rope Climbing Instructor (TRCI) certified by the ACMG. He pushes for the professional recognition of adventure guides in Quebec in order to achieve the most demanding standards at the pan-Canadian level. A seasoned mountaineer, mountaineering and rock climbing are a personal passion that has taken him to some of the highest peaks on the planet, such as Manaslu, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Denali and Lenin Peak.

How did you start at LLNS? Friend and colleague of Léopold Laliberté for a long time, I have shared several big expeditions with him as guides for years. Our common passion has led us to work together for his mountain and climbing school.

My recent favorite is Les Dames de Coeur section in Val-David. Less known compared to others, it offers several beautiful options accessible in trad, sport route and top rope. Plus, it’s a few minutes from my house by bike!

Next Project: Raise my level in traditional rock climbing to someday aim for the ACMG Assistant Rock Guide level. I will do this for purely personal reasons and to prove to myself that I can have this expertise and this rigour.

Your philosophy as a climber? To make this sport as accessible as possible while making people autonomous and responsible for the safety and the spirit of the sport. To have fun, to want to discover new places, and to be in fusion with nature and the friends who share this passion.

Certifications: Hiking Guide, Winter Hiking guide and TRCI ACMG. First responder Sirius (80h), CSA 1 and 2 Avalanche Canada.

Éric Poulin – Animator

From man of the woods to man of the world: this is Eric’s journey!

Initially a leisure technician in the field of the outdoors and animation, he took advantage of his experience to open his door wide to the planet.

He has guided many groups across Canada, in addition to
discovering the diversity of peoples and their cultures across the world; Vietnam, Madagascar, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Germany, Thailand and Japan!

Curiosity, a sense of organization and the pleasure of sharing characterize Eric, both serious in his work and a poet in the definition of his profession, which is according to him that of a “creator of memory”.

Simon Lavoie – Instructor

Simon has accreditations from the FQME in rock and ice climbing. He really enjoys sharing his experience to help novice climbers develop their self-confidence.

A member of the team who constantly wants to help others to exceed their limits, he also wants to develop his skills and become “the best second in the world ?”!

Gabriel Frappier – Instructor

Gabriel is a teacher, guide and instructor. He holds a rock climbing instructor’s license, an activity he has practiced with passion for fifteen years. The exploration of numerous climbing sites, both in Quebec and internationally, have led him to build up a solid experience in rock climbing.

“I am constantly climbing: at the gym, on the rock or in my heart. Otherwise, I’m planning my next outing. Being part of the La Liberté Nord-Sud team is a privilege, because nothing is more motivating than to share your passions, a double fisherman’s knot at a time. I look forward to seeing you on a cliff! “